18 & Under Services

Jugendlicher mit neuem Auto und Fhrerschein

18 & Under Services

The State of Rhode Island requires that teens under the age of 18 attend a 33 hour classroom session provided by the Community College of Rhode Island (see “Resources” page for website information).  Once they have completed the classroom session and obtained their Learner’s Permit from the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles, they are encouraged to take driving lessons.  Generally, as a rule, most insurance companies require at least six hours of formal behind the wheel training in order to obtain a discount.

Newport County Driving School Instructors will make sure the following areas are covered:

Visually searching the traffic environment (20 to 30 seconds ahead)

Choosing the correct lane position

Maintaining a safe speed

Smooth braking

Maintaining a safe following distance of two seconds

Backing the car

Judging gaps at intersections

Making turns and turnabouts

Leaving the curb/returning to the curb

Changing lanes and merging

Making passing maneuvers

Expressway entry and exit

Parallel and angle parking (optional)

Interacting with traffic in a low-risk manner

When working with the soon-to-be-new-driver and their parents, our instructors will work closely to make sure our client receives the proper information and up to date driving techniques.  Our courses are tailored for all student drivers individual driving needs (i.e., timid drivers, slower learners, older learners, etc.).

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